LinkQuest Inc. is an innovative American high-tech company with 20 years of successful operating history in San Diego, California. LinkQuest is specialized in developing and manufacturing sophisticated electronic systems using advanced acoustics, Doppler, array signal processing, digital signal and imaging processing technologies for medical diagnostic imaging and underwater applications. Two of LinkQuest's co-founders hold Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from the prestigious University of California at Berkeley ( and have led the company in successful research, development, production and marketing of many types of highly sophisticated precision electronic instruments over years. Our highly capable engineering staff, of which more than 10 hold Ph.D. degrees, has many years of in-depth industrial and academic experiences in various related technical areas. LinkQuest Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of precision acoustic instruments (Sonars), and its products are sold to more than 75 countries. More information can be found at For the last several years, LinkQuest Inc. has been heavily investing in the independent development of new generations of advanced full function diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems, the FDA approved SQ860 General Diagnostic Ultrasound System and the SQ810 OEM Ultrasound Imaging System. LinkQuest Inc. owns complete intellectual properties of all technologies contained in these systems. The SQ860 General Diagnostic Ultrasound System and SQ810 OEM Diagnostic Ultrasound System, with Superior Performance and High Quality at an Affordable Price, are completely designed and produced in the company's factory in San Diego, California, USA with pride.

SQ860 General Ultrasound Imaging System

SQ810 OEM Ultrasound Imaging System

Linear Probe Carotid Color Image

Superior Performance

Deep Penetration Depths
High Imaging Resolutions
Highly Sensitive and Vibrant Color Doppler

Price (Including one linear probe or one convex probe):

Price is F.O.B. San Diego, California and for US domestic end customers only. International prices vary.
New and Made in San Diego, California, USA.


3 Years (System) / 1 Year (Probes)