TrackLink's Superb Performance In Test Tank

TrackLink USBL tracking systems are highly robust and accurate positioning systems. The merits of the Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum technology can be easily demonstrated in a simple water tank test at LinkQuest's San Diego factory.

The following is the result of a test in a 2 meters by 2 meters cylindrical water tank. The transceiver is placed at the center of the water tank 60 cm below water surface while the transponder is placed about 30 cm below the transceiver with 65 cm of the horizontal distance. The TrackLink system is configured in standard Transponder mode. It is the most popular mode used by end customers.

Over 3000 interrogations were recorded. The figure below shows the trail of the target (transponder address 1) of most recent 3000 points. This point has hardly moved in such a severe multipath (reverberated) environment.


Standard deviation of the bearing for this entire period: 0.10 degrees

Standard deviation of the slant range for this entire period: 0.02 m

Standard deviation of the depth for this entire period: 0.02 m

This test can be easily repeated year around.

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