PinPoint 1500                       PinPoint 10000

Highly Accurate and Robust LBL Acoustic Positioning Systems

PinPoint LBL acoustic positioning systems utilize the same core Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum technology used in LinkQuest's other industry leading acoustic communication and positioning products. The PinPoint systems use sophisticated and proven acoustic ranging techniques simplified from the PMGS/HPMGS systems with accuracy of better than 0.5 cm. LinkQuest LBL systems are integrated with the high speed acoustic modems and TrackLink USBL tracking systems.

LinkQuest's LBL acoustic positioning systems have very strong capability of rejecting multipaths and ship noise. This feature makes these systems particularly suitable for narrowly confined, long-range shallow water, and noisy environments.

PinPoint 1500 system is particularly well suited for acoustic positioning for ship hull, bottom and dam inspections. This system is highly accurate and robust in narrowly confined harbors, between the ship and the docks, below the ship's bottom, and in front of the concrete dams. This system also performs extremely well under severe ship noise conditions typically found in harbors.

Click to see PinPoint 1500 system excels in inspection of USNS Mercy in San Diego Naval Station.



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