1. Ship Hull, Bottom and Dam Inspections

The PinPoint systems are highly accurate and robust in narrowly confined harbors, between the ship and the docks, below the ship's bottom, and in front of the concrete dams. This system also performs extremely well under severe ship noise conditions typically found in harbors.

Click to see the superb results for ship hull/bottom inspection of USNS Mercy.


2. AUV/Manned Submersible Positioning and Navigation

LinkQuest's PinPoint systems have been extensively installed on advanced AUVs, in many cases along with LinkQuest's industry leading high speed acoustic modems. This integrated approach  requires only one hardware system installed on the AUV which significantly reduces the weight and size of the system and eliminates the acoustic interference typically existing between acoustic communication and positioning systems.

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3. ROV Positioning and Navigation

4. Underwater Construction 

5. Underwater Archeology