Precision Marine Geodetic Systems


LinkQuest's Precision Marine Geodetic systems provide accurate acoustic positioning over a long range. The systems, designed for demanding applications such as seafloor movement monitoring, offshore vessel and survey positioning and defense  operations, are capable of accurate positioning within 0.5 cm for up to 7000 meters in range. These systems have been extensively deployed in the field and successful results have been generated. 


Using leading-edge "Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum Technology", accurate sound wave traveling time between LinkQuest's subsea precision transponders and surface station can be measured. When the system is integrated with a Kinematic GPS, motion sensors and a gyro on the surface vessel or undersea vehicle, sub-centimeter acoustic positioning can be achieved.

Conventional acoustic positioning systems needed extended high frequency (50 to 100 kHz) to achieve accuracy no more than 5 cm. The high frequency severely limits the range the system can reach due to heavy water absorption loss. Unlike conventional systems, LinkQuest's innovative Precision Marine Geodetic Systems operate from 7.5 to 12.5 kHz to combat water absorption loss over long ranges. With this new technology, no more compromises has to be made between range and accuracy for underwater acoustic positioning. 

Please contact us if you have any application requiring long range accurate acoustic positioning. There is nothing else like this commercially available!




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