SoundLink Underwater Acoustic Modems

High Speed, Power Efficient, Highly Robust 

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LinkQuest’s SoundLink underwater acoustic modems are designed to combat the three main obstacles in underwater communication; poor reliability, low data rate and high power consumption.  Using LinkQuest’s proprietary Broadband Acoustic  Spread Spectrum Technology the company develops advanced underwater acoustic modems with state of the art technologies outlined below:

  • Advanced modulation scheme for improved signal-to-noise ratio

  • Channel equalization to combat multipaths

  • Error correction coding

  • Automatic rate adaptation to combat varying noise conditions

  • Most advanced DSP hardware and software

With the innovative technologies, LinkQuest's modems have achieved significantly increased data rate (up to 38,400 baud), lower power consumption and unprecedented robustness. All of LinkQuest's modems  perform at a bit error rate of less than  10 which is equivalent to the quality of wire line communication. LinkQuest's extensive line of underwater acoustic modems outperform any competing products in technical aspects for both near-vertical, horizontal and extreme horizontal underwater environments. 

LinkQuest’s modems are also designed to be user friendly and provide a completely transparent wireless RS-232 connection between two end equipments as if they were directly connected through an RS-232 cable.  This ensures seamless integration with underwater instruments. 

With superior products, unmatched track record and uncompromising support to its customers, LinkQuest dominates the acoustic modem market in the world.

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LinkQuest has accomplished unmatched technical achievements in underwater acoustic communication.

  • The best selling underwater acoustic modems in the world

  • Transport over 95% of world’s acoustic communication data

  • Highest data rate up to 38,400 baud

  • Largest undersea acoustic communication networks in the world with hundreds of nodes

  • World record in uploading more than 50 Gbytes of data from a single pair of modems on an AUV 

  • The world's first long-term high speed acoustic communication from offshore drilling DP vessels

  • World record in acoustic uploading 200 Mbytes of Acoustic Current Profiler recorder data in less than a year

  • Over 200 successful deployments with Acoustic Current Profilers and current meters

  • World record in transporting more than 800 Mbytes of real-time wave data using a single battery pack

  • Dominant supplier to the world's most advanced AUV and manned submersibles

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Fugro Chance    Fugro GEOS    Fugro Survey    Kongsberg    Boeing     Oceaneering    BP    Shell    ExxonMobil    Total    Petrobras    C&C Technologies   Mitsubishi   DHI    Ashtead    Seatronics     2H offshore     Seatools     BMT Scientific Marine Services     Deep Marine Technology     NOAA PMEL   NOAA AOML    NOAA NOS  NOAA National Data Buoy Center    USGS    NASA    Environment Canada    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution    Japan Marine Science and Technology Center   Dunstaffnage Marine Lab (UK)   Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (UK)    CEFAS (UK)     Institute of Marine Research (Norway)  ENEA (Italy)    Australian Institute of Marine Science KORDI (South Korea) Baltic Sea Research Institute (Germany)   The University of California    The University of Maryland   Virginia Institute of Marine Science National University of Singapore  US Navy   US Army Corps of Engineers 

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