1. ROV Tracking And Navigation 

TrackLink systems have been used to track numerous ROVs including those from Deep Ocean Engineering, Hytec, Nova Ray, SeaBotix, Seaeye, Sub-Atlantic, VideoRay and Benthos all over the world. The Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum technology has set a new higher standard for robust and accurate ROV tracking and navigation. Extra telemetry option provides an easy way to add more data channels other than through the ROV umbilical.  Highly reliable acoustic link can be used to command the ROV in case the umbilical is cut.   

  • Fugro companies worldwide have purchased more than a dozen TrackLink systems for ROV, AUV and diver tracking, underwater construction, and survey tow fish tracking. Click to read related news release.

  • TrackLink USBL tracking System is used in Odyssey Marine Explorations Inc.'s discovery of the sunken remains of the S.S. Republic that could yield the richest cargo ever recovered from a shipwreck: thousands of gold coins worth as much as $180 million. 

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  • Fugro Chance orders TrackLink 5000HA system along with comprehensive high speed acoustic modem functions to track the positions of the underwater structure and ROV and monitor in real-time the pitch, roll, heading, precision depth,stress and other operational status of the target.

  • Dr. Robert Ballard's Institute for Exploration has purchased a TrackLink 5000 system with three TN5010C transponders. In a May 2004 IFE expedition, the TrackLink 5000 system tracked a ROV  from Woods Hole Marine Systems ( up to water depth of 3900 meters with excellent performance. Click to read related news release.

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  • SeaBotix of San Diego, California ( orders 6 TrackLink 1500LC systems to be equipped on its LBV ROVs purchased by a US Navy EOD unit in Europe. Another 5 TrackLink systems are installed on the LBV ROVs operated by US Defense Intelligence Agency and US Navy SPAWAR.

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  • Leading equipment hire company Survey Equipment Services (SES) Inc., Houston, Texas, purchases its fifth TrackLink 1500HA USBL positioning system to expand SES's existing pool of TrackLink 1500 systems to satisfy strong customer demand worldwide.

  • Deep Ocean Engineering of San Leandro, California (, orders a TrackLink system for its Spanish customer.

  • Otronix of Korea ordered a TrackLink 1500 system with three TN1505B transponders to track a newly ordered Phantom ROV manufactured by Deep Ocean Engineering.

  • MacArtney A/S of Denmark orders a TrackLink 1500MA system to be installed on Seaeye Marine Ltd.'s Falcon ROV.

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  • Seacape Diving  ( in Netherlands uses TrackLink 1500MA system to track the Seaeye ROV.

  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game ( uses a TrackLink1500 system to track Phantom ROV in its survey project.

  • Ocean Surveys Inc. of Connecticut ( uses the TrackLink1500 system to track sidescan sonar, magnetometer, ROV and other towed instrumentation supporting numerous domestic and international marine survey projects.

  • Blue Sea Offshore Services, Shenzhen, China, uses the TrackLink system to track its hydraulic ROV in offshore oil field services in South China Sea.

  • TrackLink USBL Tracking System  Selected By SeaBotix

  • DASCO Equipment Inc. of Canada orders TrackLink systems to track Sub-Atlantic Navajo ROV and its existing fleet of VideoRay ROVs.

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  • Australia Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) orders a TrackLink system to track two of its LBV ROVs and a towfish for marine biological research. The sensor information is sent from the towfish to the survey ship using TrackLink's integrated acoustic modem function. 

  • ASI Group of Canada ( orders TrackLink 1500 system for tracking and navigating of its Phantom ROV.

  • Codevintec of Italy ( orders TrackLink 1500 system with high power transponder for its leasing pool. 

  • National Undersea Research Center (NURC) for the North Atlantic and Great Lakes uses the TrackLink 1500 system to track Benthos StingRay and VideoRay ROVs.

  • Remote Presence of Ireland ( uses the TrackLink 1500 system to track its Hytec H300 inspection-class ROV , sonars and divers in underwater inspection, observation and exploration projects. 



2. AUV/UUV Tracking And Communication

The acoustic tracking system and the high speed acoustic modem share the same electronics stack and the transducer.  This approach eliminates the acoustic interference that typically exists between the acoustic tracking and communications systems.  The size and weight of the overall system are also significantly reduced.

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  • Lockheed Martin orders inverted TrackLink 1500 system for AUV homing and docking. 

  • Earthship Production purchases an ultra-deepwater TrackLink 10000 systems for tracking of manned submersibles depth rated up to 7000m.

  • LinkQuest supplies TrackLink 5000HA system to Hawaii Undersea Research Lab, University of Hawaii ( for tracking deepwater manned submersibles Pisces V and Pisces IV.

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  • Deep Ocean Expeditions LLC ( purchased a deepwater TrackLink 5000HA system to track and navigate its fleet of deepwater submersibles.

  • US Navy SPAWAR uses the TrackLink system to track unmanned underwater glider. 

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  • NASA orders TrackLink 1500 system along with LinkQuest's 38,400 baud high speed modem for AUV tracking, navigation and communication. 

  • Subsea Tech of Korea uses TrackLink 1500MA system to track the Nuytco Deepworker manned submersible.  The positioning data are sent to the submersible pilot using the integral high speed acoustic telemetry function.

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  • Undersea Graphics of California, USA uses TrackLink 1500LC system to track its manned submersible.

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  • Nekton Research LLC of Durham, North Carolina ( uses TrackLink 1500MA system with integrated two-way acoustic communication capability to track its AUV and perform command and control of the vehicle.

  • Deep Ocean Expedition ( tracks its fleet of manned submersibles using the TrackLink 1500 system.

  • The University of Sidney, Australia, purchased a TrackLink 1500HA system with advanced integrated acoustic modem function to track and communicate with a WHOI-made AUV.

3. Underwater Construction

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  • Onyx Special Services Inc. uses TrackLink1500 systems to track a Phantom ROV, divers and diving bells in crude oil pipeline inspection and repairing projects in the Great Lakes.

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  • Marathon Oil Company uses TrackLink 1500 systems in offshore pipeline construction projects in West Africa.

4. Diver Navigation And Tracking  

Track multiple divers simultaneously.  Each diver obtains his/her owner GPS position with assistance of the acoustic link.  Each diver can also send sensor information and images to the surface support vessel. 

5. Survey Towfish Tracking

The small size of the TrackLink transponder reduces the drag.  Highly robust telemetry option provides an reliable way to send information from extra sensors such as the Altimeter.  

  • G-Tec Geophysical Exploration of Belgium tracks towed magnetometers using TrackLink 1500LC system.

  • Ocean Surveys Inc. of Connecticut ( uses the TrackLink1500 system to track sidescan sonar, magnetometer, ROV and other towed instrumentation supporting numerous domestic and international marine survey projects.

  • Elcome Marine Services of India orders two TrackLink 1500MA systems along with 4 transponders to track sidescan sonars and sub-bottom profilers in the work of ELCOME Surveys Private Limited (ESPL), New Bombay, India.

  • CSIRO, Australia orders a TrackLink 1500HA system along with 4 TN15010B transponders to track towfish and ROV. 

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