Models Tailored For Deepwater AUV Applications

1. UWM3010: 

AUV Command and Control
Based on UWM3000 with increased transmission power to 50 watts and decreased data rate.  The mechanical housing, rated at 3000 meters, has a low height profile for easy installation on AUV and Tow Fish.

2. UWM4010

AUV High Speed Data Link
Based on UWM4000 with a link layer protocol tailored for AUV high speed image data transfer and synchronization schemes to resolve acoustic interference.

3. UWM4020

AUV High Speed Data Link
Same as UWM4010 except this modem uses a high power narrow-beam (28 degrees) transducer to increase the effective signal strength significantly.  It can be used in field deployments where better performance margin is needed.

LinkQuest has provided acoustic modems to some of the most advanced commercial and military AUVs. Click here to view detailed applications

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